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Here is a catalogue of all of the catz residing at THE JUNKYARD.

Only catz that are currently being (publicly) played with/showed have full profiles, but the rest of my crew is shown in thumbnails... as a little sneak-peak.


SGCh. LF/JYD's Nice Guy / "Jay"
Retired with 30 points total and the Supreme Grand Champion (SGCh.) title.

The man himself. The pretty kitty face of THE JUNKYARD brand. Currently retired to spend time with his wife Reese and daughter Kitty Kat but plans to return and take the World Champion title. Likes hawaiian shirts and flirting with every cat he encounters. Sorry Reese.

JYD's Boxed Birthday Cake / "Confetti"
Currently showing with 5 points total and the Reserved Champion (RCh.) title.

One of my first hexies, and my first time using textures. I made him as a test using textures by Filthy Hippie. Pretty standard 1st gen alley cat, just with fun colors!

JYD's Chat Coloré / "Mosaic"
Currently showing with 8 points total and the Reserved Champion (RCh.) title.

A silly guy who likes silly hats. He also likes other clothes but I can't stand to cover his beautiful fur with fabric. Spends hours playing with the auto-rolling ball without getting bored.

JYD's Chimney Sweep / "Soot"
Currently showing with 28 points total and the Master Grand Champion (MGCh.) title.

Just a nice polite lad. Loves to wear his top hat, it feels weird to see him without it.

JYD's Dangerous Road Conditions / "Black Ice"
Currently showing with 12 points total and the Champion (Ch.) title.

Absolutely gorgeous young man. Show-stopping. Likes to make friends with everybody but will ignore everyone else in the room if his best friend Coup is around. His worst enemy is his own father.

JYD's Eat 'Em Up! / "Reese"
Not currently showing. Future show girl.

A very sweet young lady. Likes playing and being pet by me at all times. Loves her husband Jay and their daughter Kitty Kat. She also became pregnant for the second time while I while writing this so I'm looking forward to meeting the new member of the family.

JYD's Make The Most of Your Break / "Kitty Kat"
Currently naturally raising. Potential future show material?

Jay and Reese's daughter, currently their only kid (though there is another on the way). Seems to have inherited her father's cool, suave nature more than her mother's bouncy one, though she does love to play. Tried catnip with her buddy Soup once and loved it.

3AM/JYD's Night On The Town / "Jingle"
Currently showing with 23 points total and the Master Grand Champion (MGCh) title.

A big ol' girl. One of the first petz I ever adopted from someone else, and my only giant! Just a big silly cali girl. Very in love with River and ambivalent towards their son Black Ice.

JYD's One Look and You're Hypnotized / "Angeleyes"
Currently showing with 5 points total and the Reserved Grand Champion (RCh) title.

A charming young man, named after an ABBA song about a charming young man (also one of my favorite ABBA songs ever). Just look at those beautiful blue eyes! And tux markings on chocolate? I really am hypnotized. His parents, Bree and Projector, are just as gorgeous.

Aniseed/JYD's Rhythm of a Wild Heart / "River"
Currently showing with 14 points total and the Grand Champion (GCh) title.

He may look like he could be feisty, but this guy is all chinchi personality-wise. Very quiet, very sweet, madly in love with Jingle. However he completely despises his own son, Black Ice, and will fight him at any given opportunity. I guess nobody's perfect.

JYD's Winter Crystal / "Hoarfrost"
Currently showing with 13 points total and the Champion (Ch) title.

Very shy with new petz, but will wrestle his good friends to the ground every time they play. Gay, loves his boyfriend Glacier. They also both seemed interested in Scaredy for a time, but I guess they were too committed to each other to fit him in.

LF/JYD's We Got The Guillotine! / "Coup"
Currently showing with 11 points total and the Champion (Ch) title.

Definitely moody and closed off, but not quite as filled with rage and hate as many other alleys. Actually gets along pretty well with most other catz. Except for his ex Jay. His "friendship" with Black Ice seems to be helping him move on though.