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THE JUNKYARD is a website dedicated to the PFMagic computer game series, Petz! More specifically Petz 4, though most of the content isn’t specific to any one version, that’s just the one I play.

When I was a much younger kid, I used to play Ubisoft’s rendition of Petz (specifically the Wendy’s kids meal CD-ROM variant, which is a very simple game but it entertained young-me for years), but I didn’t discover PFMagic’s Petz until November of 2019 after stumbling on a free download while browsing Reddit. I’ve always had a thing for old computer games, and I had fond memories of the version of Petz I played as a kid, so I decided to give a try. I fell in love instantly.

I discovered and joined the Petz community pretty quickly after. I loved (and still love) showing, as well as natural raising and training. I also quite like hexing, though I’m not very good at it yet lol. But one of the things I loved most was that almost everyone had a website- their own unique domain to showcase their unique Petz experience. I always wanted one too, ever since I first joined, but I didn’t know the first thing about code, and I was never happy with the look of guide site creators (such as Weebly or Wix).

After May 2020, I ended up taking almost a 2-year break from Petz (with a time in late 2021 that I briefly returned before leaving again), and over that break I learned how to code for other purposes. Now that I have my head around the basics (emphasis on basics, I'm no web design master), I'm finally ready to have a petzy domain of my own! So here it is, officially dubbed THE JUNKYARD! I look forward to adding to it more and more over time.


AKA: Who is THE JUNKYARD dog(g).

As I said on my homepage, my name is Jason. I’m a 16 year old guy with a thing for computers and animals and computer animals. I know I’m a bit young compared to most of the Petz community, but I’ve always been drawn to older games, especially CD-ROM games.

Some hobbies I get up to include drawing, writing, coding, musical performance (saxophone + keyboard percussion), and taxidermy/bone collecting. One of my biggest interests ever in the whole world is the book series Warriors. Some video games I like (outside of Petz of course) include WolfQuest, Minecraft, Battleblock Theater, and Pokemon, as well as my vast collection of old CD-ROMs and PS2 games.

Anddd here are some random facts about me, if you’d really like to get to know me.

Also, if you'd like to see what I'm up to outside of Petz, you can always check out my main website. I also post on Twitter and Reddit sometimes.